Forum History

Development timeline of one of the largest international discussion platforms. Milestones of the Gaidar Forum. Key topics of the Forum over all the years.


RANEPA traditionally hosted 2017 Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Setting Priorities” on January 12-14, opening a business season in the first working week of the new year.

The economic situation in Russia and the world, issues of social development, relevant tasks of healthcare development, education, innovations, public administration, small and medium-sized business, tax policies and development of territories were traditionally discussed as part of the forum’s program. The following pressing issues of modern reality were on the agenda: Europe after Brexit, investment climate after the imposition of sanctions, the global energy market in new conditions, ecology, priority projects such as the factor of economic growth, stability of the banking sector, and the new regional policy.


The seventh Gaidar Forum was held under the name “Russia and the World: Looking to the Future”. Socio-economic development of countries in the face of new challenges was central to the debates. The Forum discussed the strategic role of Russia in the light of recent geopolitical changes.

Over 10,000 people visited the Forum in three days. The event was attended by federal ministers, governors, heads of Russian and foreign corporations, experts and professors of leading scientific and educational centers of the world, diplomats and politicians.


At the Gaidar Forum 2015 "Russia and the World: New Dimensions" changing of the format between Russia and other global players was discussed. The participants paid special attention to the concept of a multipolar world, relevant in the light of new circumstances. When developing this concept, the experts raised the issue of adjustments to financial, economic and social course of the country.

Russia's presence in world politics was considered, especially taking into account its presidency in BRICS and SCO.


The Gaidar Forum 2014 was dedicated to one of the most important issues of the world economy – sustainable development. Panel speakers discussed problems of sustained economic growth in the context of global change.

The speakers touched along innovative entrepreneurship and the effects of modernization on the socio-economic and political structure of leading countries of the world. Senior government figures from Russia and foreign countries jointed the platform.


The fourth Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Challenges of Integration” had experts from around the world discuss the issues of improving business and investment climate in Russia and prospects of Russian companies in the international market.

In 2013 the Forum was for the first time attended by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev. Some 3,500 visitors attended the Forum in total.


The third Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: 2012-2020” was marked by a renewal strategy for socio-economic development of Russia for the period up to the year 2020.

The Forum was attended by more than 2,000 Russian and foreign experts. Continuing the established tradition, the Forum was attended by members of the Government and governors of federal subjects of the Russian Federation, leaders of international economic and financial institutions.


The Gaidar Forum gained the international status. The Conference “Russia and the world: in search of innovation strategy” gathered more than one hundred renowned international experts. The Forum participants held debates about the concept of innovative economy and new requirements they impose on state institutions.

New financial and social policies, regional development and search of innovation-growth are priority aspects, which topped the agenda of the Forum discussion.


The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy (RANEPA) hosted the conference “Russia and the world: challenges of new decade” on 21-23 January 2010.

The Forum commemorates Yegor Gaidar (1956-2009), the architect of Russian reforms. The main theme of the Forum was relevant for Russia and the entire world as leading global players were trying to find ways out the recent economic crisis.